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A Bit Of A Boost

Mar 7, 2022

On today’s episode I’m joined by fellow coach Laura Brunton to talk about living life more authentically and as ‘Totally You’.


When I first met Laura a few years ago she was in corporate and you wouldn't have known it to look at her but she was on the brink of burnout.


We talk about some of the things that aligned for her to help her realise how she was holding herself back, how she was misaligned with her priorities and values, and what she did to start bringing about some pretty big changes into her life.


As well as values, beliefs and burnout Laura shares some tips and techniques for identifying and challenging the stories we tell ourselves that could be limiting us, and how to get a grip on those moments in life when things feel like they’re just overwhelming us.


Whenever I read one of Laura’s posts on LinkedIn or watch one of her videos it always gives me a boost of positivity and energy so I knew that she’d be a perfect guest for the podcast… she’s one of those people who I can have an ad hoc conversation with and think to myself afterwards… ‘that would have been awesome to have recorded and shared with other people!’… and now we’ve done just that!


You can find out more about Laura and her work (including her incredible Spring 2022 offer!) on social media and through her website: