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A Bit Of A Boost

Mar 21, 2022

For a decade and a half exercise was more than just a passion, it was also my career.  


I trained clients as a personal trainer and boot camp coach, and also taught on PT diploma courses and delivered masterclasses to other trainers.


I was fully immersed in it and although my work these days is more holistic, it’s still clearly an important topic for me and I’m pleased to have the opportunity to share some of my philosophies, insights and approaches to exercise.


In today's episode I talk about 

- The motivations to exercise

- The difference between activity, exercise and training

- The 5 minutes a day exercise approach that can bring surprising results

- The 10000 steps a day myth and what to do instead

- Exercise calories and the after burn effect

- Benefits and approaches to fasted exercising

- The importance of a flexible plan

- The best time of day to train

- The ultimate motivation for exercise


I’ll also share a few answers to some of the most common questions I’ve been asked over the last 20 years.


Program references:

Strong Arm Solution


The Glute Plan


To The Core